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TIME Stories

TIME Stories
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Price: £38.99
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Manufacturer: Space Cowboys

Designer(s): Year Published:
Manuel Rozoy 2015


T.I.M.E Stories is a narrative board game.
Players will live adventures in various worlds, through the eyes and characteristics of their character.
They will have to fight, search, discuss, and be clever and convincing to the characters they meet… and sometimes even the other agents.
Each player will be able to include the dose of “roleplay” they want into the character they’ll have chosen. But they will also need to optimize their actions.
Each scenario contains a new world, new characters, new rules, and new surprises.

The basic box contains the T.I.M.E Stories system and the Asylum scenario.
“Paris, 1921: prevent the formation of a temporal fault in the roaring 20s.”

Number of Players: 2-4.
Ages: 12+ (not suitable for children aged 0-3).
Game Length: 90 mins; a save system is included in the box, allowing you to play a scenario over multiple sessions.

TIME Stories
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