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Panic Station

Panic Station
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Price: £19.99
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Model: WGG1112
Manufacturer: White Goblin Games

The government has sent a number of military personnel to a space station. There are signs that this station is infected and has been taken over by a dangerous alien life form. Each player controls two characters (a soldier and an android) who set off in search of the nest of this alien parasite somewhere in the space station. To save humanity, the parasite needs to be destroyed with the right weapons. However, nobody knows that someone will secretly be infected and become the host of the alien life form. This person will do everything it takes to cause the mission to fail...

• Cooperative game with intense paranoia: cooperation is necessary, but who can you trust?
• Try to figure out who is the host of the parasite and attempts to sabotage everything.
• If you are the host of the parasite, try to infect other payers and win the game by preventing the "nest" from being destroyed
• Search the station, use the possibilities of the rooms, but watch out for lingering parasites!
• Use objects such as a heat scanner, grenades, a first-aid kit and energy drinks wisely to reach your goal .
• Can you keep your cool and succeed in destroying the source of evil in time?

Number of Players: 4-6.
Ages: 10+ (not suitable for children aged 0-3).
Game Length: 40 mins.

Panic Station includes:

  • 46 Search cards
  • 20 Exploration cards
  • 12 Character Cards
  • 12 Check Cards
  • 18 Infection Cards
  • 12 Wooden Character Discs
  • 10 Wooden Parasite Discs
  • 1 4-Sided Die
  • 1 Heat-check board
Panic Station
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