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King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo
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Price: £29.99
Availability: Out of Stock
Model: IEL002
Manufacturer: Iello

Designer(s): Year Published:
Richard Garfield 2011


Play a GigaMonser on a rampage, destroying everything in his way!
Roll the dice to get the best combinations to heal yourself, to attack, to buy special cards, or to gain Victory Poins. It's up to you to choose the best tactic to become King of Tokyo just in time to get rid of all your opponents in one devastating attack...
The first to gain 20 Victory Points - or the last Monster standing - wins the game.

Number of Players: 2-6.
Ages: 8+ (not suitable for children aged 0-3).
Game Length: 30 mins.

King of Tokyo includes:

  • Rules.
  • 1 Tokyo board.
  • 66 cards
  • 28 "counters" (3 Smoke, 1 Mimic, 12 Shrink, 12 Poison).
  • 8 dice (6 black + 2 green).
  • 6 Monster Boards.
  • 6 cardboard figures + 6 plastic stands.
  • A bunch of Energy cubes.
King of Tokyo
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