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About Us

Red Dice Games started off as a solo project in late June 2010 where the founder worked on a business plan to create a source of income in what was at the time a very bad job market due to the massive UK recession.

Early November 2010 he started taking steps to build on that plan and took training and advice on how to actually run his own business.

Our founder had experience with several very poor retailers in the games market; some did not provide adequate packaging, others sold stock they did not actually have. In one case he waited almost 2 months for an item that was listed as in stock over multiple selling channels with very poor excuses coming from the retailer. These experiences coupled with his love of games is what made him choose the market we are in today and what makes us strive to be the best in this market, to provide you with the best retail experience possible.

In late March 2011 the website was finalised the first stock was ordered and Red Dice Games opened for trading.

We will grow this business over time, providing more games and other related products for you our valued customers as well as continuing to provide the excellent service you have come to expect. Unlike our competitors we will never ignore your communications, never choose inferior packaging and will never sell you something we do not actually have in stock.