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Model: SJG1906
Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games

Designer(s): Year Published:
Beau Beckett 2013


The King commands two builders to raise a great castle ... but only one will rule it!

With every play, the castle grows. Wall and tower pieces link to form courtyards. When you finish a courtyard, you claim it with a Keep. The more towers in your courtyard, the more it scores.
Each turn, you'll decide how many cards to spend, and where to put the pieces those cards give you. Build the greatest courtyards you can ... but don't hand your opponent a chance to build a better one!

Castellan takes less than an hour to play.

This is a two-player game. If you combine it with a green/yellow Castellan set, you can play with three or four players.

Number of Players: 2.
Ages: 10+ (not suitable for children aged 0-3).
Game Length: 30-45 mins.

Castellan includes:

  • 108 detailed castle pieces
  • 28 cards
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