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Model: UPR11917
Manufacturer: Jolly Roger Games

Designer(s): Year Published:
Urs Hostettler 1986


Lenin... Stalin... Gorbachev... Putin... These Russian leaders manipulate the political machine of Russia to mark their place in history. In the game Kremlin, players take part of the political factions out to seize sovereignty of Russia through the Communist Party's offices, whether by bureaucratic intrigue or assassination! Are you up for the challenge, Comrade Tovarich?

Originally published in 1986 by Fata Morgana Games, Kremlin is a gaming satire of Soviet culture and politics using fictional and historical politicians. With our updated version, Kremlin allows for differentiated gameplay through unique rule modifications to reflect different eras.

Number of Players: 3-6.
Ages: 12+ (not suitable for children aged 0-3).
Game Length: 45-90 mins.

Kremlin includes:

  • 5 Player aid sheets (8" x 11")
  • 2 Counter sheets
  • 1 Scoring pad for recording initial influence
  • 1 Game board
  • 108 Event cards (Pink Label)
  • 52 Politician cards (Pink Label)
  • 1 D20 dice
  • 1 Rule book with historical overview
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